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Answers to common issues are below. And you can check our Steam Community Hub to see if your issue has already been solved.



Video latency

  • Thumper is a fast-paced action/twitch game and reasonably low video latency is essential for a good experience. If you see visible lag between pressing inputs and actions, check if your TV/monitor supports a "game" mode and enable it.

Audio latency

  • High audio latency will cause in-game audio to feel out of sync with the visuals. You might be able to reduce audio latency in a couple ways:
    • If you are using an audio receiver, try routing through TV speakers instead
    • On PS4, the headphone jack on the controller and PS VR should both provide low latency audio
    • On the Switch, the headphone jack provides low latency audio



Game won't start (includes case where Steam "Preparing to launch" window appears/disappears repeatedly)

  • Verifying your Steam installation might help:
    • Right-click Thumper in your Steam Library > Properties
    • Click "Local Content" tab
    • Click "Verify Integrity of Game Cache..."
  • Thumper requires the Visual Studio 2013 redist to run. Steam should install it automatically, but it can get corrupted. Please try downloading and installing it manually using this link:

Crash when attempting to apply video settings

  • We are currently investigating. Some users have found disabling external tuning/tweaking programs like the RivaTuner will fix this issue. We are working to get the game to co-exist better with these types of programs.



The display in the VIVE headset is black (even though the game is visible on the desktop monitor)

This is commonly caused when you have more than one GPU and your monitor and VR headset are connected to different GPUs. Try connecting both to the same GPU to fix it. We are investigating this issue to see if there is a better solution.




Does Thumper require a VR headset to play?

  • No. You can play the entire game on PS4 with/without PS VR. And on Windows PC with/without Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.

Does Thumper support surround sound?

  • No. It's stereo only.