Thumper Coming to Nintendo Switch and Xbox One

After Thumper released back in October, we've received many requests to bring it to Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Today, we're happy to say Thumper will launch on both platforms this spring.

On Nintendo Switch, you'll thump on-the-go for the first time. Naturally, we'll fully utilize the fantastic HD rumble feature. You'll feel every pulsing hit, scrape, pound, and crash. We're calling it "rumble violence!"

On Xbox One, expect all the features and graphical quality of our other platforms. We'll have more to say about our Xbox version soon.

We'll be announcing the release dates for Switch and Xbox soon, but we plan to release both in Q2 2017. Of course, Thumper is still available on PS4Steam, and Oculus.

Thumper Now Supports SteamVR and Oculus

Thumper has been called Game of the Year, one of the best rhythm games ever, and one the year's best VR games. And now you can play it on SteamVR and Oculus.

Today’s Steam update adds support for both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift via SteamVR. It includes Oculus SDK support as well. We’ve added basic support for both Oculus Touch and Vive controllers.

Thumper is also now available for Rift directly through Oculus Home.

Of course, you can still play all nine epic levels (including PLAY+ mode) in both traditional 2D and VR mode.

We’ll continue to fine tune our VR support for both headsets over the next couple weeks. We have more updates, including advanced video, control, and calibration settings on the way. Thanks for your support as we continue making Thumper the best game we can.


Thumper Update: PLAY +, PlayStation Pro, and more


Thumper has been updated on Steam and PS4 with the new PLAY + mode. You will become the resplendent golden beetle. You’ll gain more points and scream through all nine levels faster than ever. But die once, and it’s GAME OVER.

If you’ve already beaten the game, PLAY + mode is the ultimate test of your thumping skill. If you’re new to the game, just beat Level 3 to unlock the new mode!

PlayStation Pro launches today and we’re excited to support it from day one. On PS4 Pro, Thumper's psychedelic hellscape shines in glorious native 4K at 60 FPS (with no upscaling). And with Pro and PS VR, high quality supersampling and anti-aliasing enhance the ominous immersion while maintaining the same rock solid 90 frames per second.


Based on all your feedback, we've made multiple improvements that benefit PC, PS4, and PS VR gamers:

  • Improved audio mastering and better volume levels when using headphones (PS4)
  • In-game volume control (find it under Options > Audio)
  • Thumper starts up in VR mode if PS VR is connected and powered on (PS4)
  • Holding OPTIONS button resets PS VR tracking orientation (PS4)
  • Thumb relief: you can now use R1 in addition to (X) to thump
  • Quick restart: press L1 to restart from the current/previous checkpoint
  • Restart from previous checkpoint. Allows you to restart from the current checkpoint or the immediately previous one. If you quit the level or app, you lose the ability to restart from the previous checkpoint. This reduces frustration for players who want to grind out S-Ranks.
  • Press and hold (X) button to speed up death animation
  • Hold (X) button on score screen to speed up animation

We're still working on more updates, including A/V calibration and support for Oculus and Vive. Thanks for your patience as we continue to make Thumper the best game we can.

Let us know what you think about the latest update!

Review Round-Up, AMA, and Future Updates

It’s been a little over a week since Thumper launched on Steam and PS4 and we’re blown away by the positive reception. We’ve watched players climb the leaderboards, dissect the scoring system, and have their expectations shattered. Thank you all for playing and spreading the news; launch week was a great success.



In addition to the amazing player reception, Thumper has received critical acclaim. Here's what a few reviewers have to say:

“Essentially perfect realization of its own unique goals and concerns, and a game we’ll be playing and celebrating for decades, even if it leaves us afraid and confused” 10/10 - Paste

“It’s the music and sounds of Thumper that will stick with me the most, beckoning me back to that terrifying abyss for several more hours to come.” 9/10 - IGN

“Thumper, no matter how you play it, is too good to miss.” 9/10 - Gamespot



We’re doing a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) Tuesday, October 25th at 11 AM EST (3PM UTC). Stay tuned to our Twitter (@ThumperGame) for a link to the AMA so you can participate by asking us questions.



We will support Thumper the best we can now and in the future.  With the help of feedback from our community, we’ve already released Steam updates to address the most critical issues. We’re working to resolve all major technical issues for both PS4 and Steam users over the next couple weeks.

And before the end of 2016, we’ll be adding support for both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

We also have brand new features and content planned. Have you already beaten the game? Got all the S Ranks? Climbed up the leaderboards? Feeling pretty good about to yourself? Well, treasure that feeling while you can...

Thanks for supporting rhythm violence!

- Marc and Brian

Thumper Original Soundtrack Available Now

Thumper's soundtrack is ten tracks of music inspired by the game. All music is created by Brian Gibson, co-creator of the game and bassist for Lightning Bolt. The soundtrack is available in digital form through Thrill Jockey Records and Steam.

And in most major music stores:

And the deluxe vinyl soundtrack + collector's edition is still available from iam8bit.

Thumper Launching Today on PS4 + Steam, PC VR Support Coming Soon

Thumper is launching later today at 3PM PST on PS4 (North America) and Steam! We wanted to surprise and reward gamers who have been waiting years for the game to come out with the chance to play a bit sooner! Here's the release trailer:


Thumper won’t support HTC Vive or Oculus Rift at launch, but support will be added before the end of the year via a free Steam update.

We’ve spent years creating Thumper and releasing the game simultaneously on PS4, PSVR, and Windows PC has been the hardest and most satisfying work we’ve ever done. We’re a two person team and we take a handcrafted approach to making games. We hope Thumper reflects that. Supporting multiple platforms -- especially brand new ones like VR -- is a challenging and painstaking process to get it right. We’ve always wanted to launch the game with support for all major VR platforms, but we just didn’t have the bandwidth until recently.

The good news is we’ve already started PC VR development and it will be available before 2017. As soon as we’re certain, we’ll announce a release date and more details.

We’ve always wanted Thumper to be an intense, overwhelming experience -- not a “VR game” specifically. We think Thumper is amazing in VR, but the “best way to play” is really a matter of personal preference. So for now, PC gamers can play the entire game in glorious traditional HD. And rest assured we are hard at work on VR support!

Thumper coming in October + Collector's Edition!

Back in 2009, we teamed up to make Thumper, our rhythm violence game. Today, we're excited to finally announce Thumper will debut in October!

You can already wishlist Thumper on Steam.

We’ve always wanted to release Thumper in style. Audio is a critical part of the game and a high-quality soundtrack is essential! So we couldn’t be more psyched to team up with the fine folks from iam8bit on our limited collector's edition.

It includes a game code (Steam or PS4) and a premium vinyl soundtrack with cover artwork designed by Robert Beatty. Robert’s music and art were a key inspiration for Thumper and we can’t wait to hold this beautifully designed package in our hands!


Check out a couple tracks from the soundtrack!

To be notified when the game comes out, sign up for our mailing list.

PAX East Wrap Up

We just survived three exhausting but exciting days at PAX East in the Indie MEGABOOTH. We'd like to thank BIC Festival for their generous support! Our Thumper booth was packed with hungry gamers the whole time. It was cool to see so many people experience VR for the first time with Thumper!

Thumper was also setup in the more spacious, but just as busy, PlayStation VR area.

As part of the XSplit Indie Showcase, Marc played Thumper live from the show floor and chatted about VR, release plans, and Thumper's development history.

We couldn't be more psyched about the reception Thumper received at PAX East. IGN thinks Thumper might be PS VR's killer app. Destructoid called it scary and entrancing. And it was one of EGM's hidden gems of the show. We also did an interview on the show floor with GameEnthus.

Read more impressions from Hardcore Gamer, PlayStation Lifestyle, BostonInno, iDigitalTImes, SideQuesting, Blogcritics, theSebie, Wikia, Bemani Style, Gamerheadquarters, INN, Push Square, G Style Mag, and Disconnected Gamers.

Last but not least, Marooner's Rock dubbed Thumper "Best Music Game" of PAX East!

Thumper Coming to PAX East

Find Thumper in the Indie MEGABOOTH (Booth 4169).

We'll be at PAX East in Boston April 22 - 24 with the latest Thumper demo. It will be the first time YOU and the gaming masses can play Thumper on PlayStation VR!

We'll also have official Thumper tees for sale and free schwag if you stop by our booth.

Find us in the Indie MEGABOOTH (booth 4169).

Here's a video to get you psyched for all the games in the MEGABOOTH:


New Gameplay Trailer + PS VR Support

You might have seen our announcement on the PlayStation Blog, but today we're excited to unveil our latest "Rhythm Hell" gameplay trailer. It's the first time we've shown uncut, uninterrupted gameplay from one of Thumper's advanced levels. Let us know what you think!

We're also psyched to say Thumper will support PlayStation VR. Playing the game in VR feels incredible in ways we didn't expect.  We can't wait for you to try it. Of course, we're working hard to make both the 2D and VR modes as beautiful and intense as possible. The entire game will be playable in both 2D and VR.

We've already received questions about support for other VR platforms. Although we're only certain about PS VR right now, we'd like to support all platforms that make sense. Hopefully we'll have more good news to share soon!

Japan Media Arts Festival

Brian and I spent last week at the Japan Media Art Festival in Tokyo. It was an inspiring showcase of media art, entertainment, animation, and manga set in the beautiful National Art Center in Roppongi.

Shorty after arriving, we stopped by J-WAVE radio station for a chat with Sascha about Thumper.

The next day, we were honored to receive an Excellence Award award for Thumper!

The next evening, we gave a short lounge talk and debuted a new Thumper level at the legendary Super Deluxe performance space. Brian played the game as it was projected on three screens at maximum volume! Proceedings concluded with a dancing and clapping session with the inimitable Kishino Yuichi, winner of the Entertainment Division Grand Prize!

We also had the opportunity to present Thumper to festival visitors in front of our large screen installation at the National Art Center.

It's rare that Brian is in this hemisphere, so after the festival, we headed to Drool East HQ in Seoul for three intense days of Thumper development. We can't wait to show everyone what we've been working on lately!