Version 1.06 (Nov 15 2017)

  • Updated Polish text

  • Fixed minor VR rendering issue


    Version 1.05 (Sep 2 2017)

    • Added controller input remapping (Options > Controls)

    • Fixed rare rendering bug on tunnel entrances

    • Fixed rare bug where phrase pulse travels through Level 5 and Level 6 minibosses

    • Adjusted death sequence speed-up logic

    • Added vibration effect to death

    • Added view user profile option to leaderboards


    Version 1.04 (Jan 17 2017)

    • Fixed crash in Level 6-9 and Level 6-9+


    Version 1.03 (Jan 10 2016)

    • Improved headphone output detection for audio mastering settings

    • Fixed minor VR rendering issues

    • Fixed minor rendering artifacts in 4K mode on PlayStation Pro

    • Added stick sensitivity adjustment under Options > Gameplay

    • Improved Portuguese, Finnish, and Simplified Chinese text

    • Fixed rare crash accessing “Restart from Checkpoint” menu option


    Version 1.02 (Nov 11 2016)

    • New "PLAY +" mode: play as the golden beetle for more speed, more points, and more violence.

    • R1 can be used in addition to (X) button as primary gameplay input.

    • Holding OPTIONS resets tracking orientation (and not only position).

    • Game will start in VR mode if PS VR is connected and powered on.

    • Press and hold (X) to speed up death animation.

    • Hold (X) on score screen to speed up animation.

    • Fixed rare issue causing early damage on turns.

    • Fixed rare issue causing energy pulses to "pass through" bosses.

    • Fixed issue changing leaderboard view to "Your Ranking."

    • Optimized post-processing effects for 4K rendering on PlayStation Pro.


    Version 1.01 (Oct 10 2016)

    • Initial Release