Version 1.04 (June 30 2017)

  • Improved rendering performance (non-VR mode only)

  • Fixed rare rendering bug on tunnel entrances

  • Fixed rare bug where phrase pulse travels through Level 5 and Level 6 minibosses

  • Adjusted death sequence speed-up logic

  • Added vibration effect to death


Version 1.03 (Jan 30 2017)

  • Keyboard/controller input remapping (Options > Controls).

  • Improved handling of corrupt save files. If save is corrupted, backup load will be attempted.

  • In 2D mode, CPU/GPU usage is reduced when application window is minimized or hidden.

  • Fix potential crash changing leaderboard view in VR mode.


Version 1.02 (Jan 10 2016)

  • Cloud storage used to sync gameplay saves/scores across devices

  • Added custom frame rate caps for 2D mode under Options > Video

  • Fixed potential save corruption if app crashes/quits during auto-save

  • Fixed glitch auto-saving on checkpoints

  • Better and friendlier detection of corrupt save files

  • Improved Portuguese, Finnish, and Simplified Chinese text


Version 1.01 (Dec 20 2016)

  • Initial release