Fan Art

Time to sharpen your pencils, Droolers!  After the release of our debut trailer, we were pleased to find that our game has already inspired some top-notch fan art.  First, Jared from Ohio perfectly captured Thumper's super-chill personality and understated coolness.

And this anonymous artist nailed CrakHed's raging party-animal spirit.

These are so good, we can't wait for more.  To submit your fan art, scan and send to drool [at]  Include your name and location.  Remember, Thumper is chill, cool, and loves to take it easy, while CrakHed is always stoked, psyched, and ready to rage.

Soon, we'll be starting a fan art gallery on this site.  So send us your chillest Thumper and most stoked CrakHed and we'll post 'em.