Created by Marc Flury and Brian Gibson.


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Audio latency

  • Wireless headphones add significant audio latency. For the best experience, wired headphones or integrated speakers are strongly recommended.



The controls are explained via in-game tutorials, but here are the basics:

  • TAP over the white rectangular thumps to thump

  • SWIPE LEFT/RIGHT to bank left/right and survive turns

  • TAP and HOLD to slide through red bars without damage

  • Execute looping patterns perfectly to fire the green energy weapon and defeat bosses

  • Boss patterns loop until you defeat them


  • SWIPE UP over a thump to jump

  • Consecutive jumps allow you to fly and maximize your jump distance


  • SWIPE DOWN while in the air to pound

  • Pounding thumps sends out a powerful shockwave

  • From LEVEL 3 on, some bosses have shields that can only be opened by a pound shockwave

Advanced Gameplay

  • From LEVEL 4 on, switch lanes by TILTING left/right, or bank into barriers by SWIPING LEFT/RIGHT when lanes end

  • From LEVEL 5 on, beware of laser sentries that attack if you miss a thump



  • Blue gems = points

  • TAP to thump, keep holding, and slide through red bars to earn blue gems

  • Jump into blue rings to earn blue gems

  • Execute perfect turns by SWIPING LEFT/RIGHT at the last moment for more points



When completing each sub-level, you will receive score bonuses based on your performance

  • BLUE GEMS: collect as many as possible to raise your score (see ADVANCED SCORING)

  • PERFECT TURNS: swipe at the last moment to increase your perfect turn bonus

  • NO DAMAGE: this bonus is increased for every level you survive with no damage

  • NO MISSES: this bonus is increased for every level you complete without missing a thump

  • KILLS: pound whenever you see tentacles ahead for bonus points



  • Thump perfectly to reach 2X/3X streak multipliers and get more blue gems

  • Checkpoints contain bonus-thumps, hit them to collect extra blue gems

  • If you’re damaged, hitting a bonus-thump regains your shell

  • Pound thumps while in 2X/3X streak to transform upcoming thumps into bonus-thumps

  • Pound bonus-thumps for even more blue gems!

  • Hit bosses with the green weapon on the first loop to create a bonus-thump

  • Pound the green weapon on the first loop and get TWO bonus-thumps

  • Collect perfect sequences of 6+ red bars and/or blue rings and get more blue gems

  • Hitting turns normally stops flight, but if you "perfect turn" during flight you can keep flying through turns



When completing each sub-level, you will receive a Rank (C, B, A, or S) based on your accuracy and skill.

To improve your Rank:

  • Hit all thumps

  • Slide into all red bars

  • Jump into all blue rings

  • Avoid taking damage

  • Execute perfect turns

  • Hit bonus-thumps (see ADVANCED SCORING)



After completing LEVEL 3, you'll unlock "PLAY +" mode. You can play all nine levels again for more challenge!

Here's what's different in PLAY + mode:

  • You'll play as the golden beetle

  • Maximum blue gem multiplier is increased from 3X to 4X

  • Movement speed increases when you reach 3X and then again at 4X

  • You can only regain your lost shell from a bonus-thump if you've reached the 4X multiplier

  • Levels are exactly the same, but some tutorial sections are removed

  • Die once, and it's game over!

In PLAY +, you can also earn the new S+ rank. To get a S+ rank on an sub-level, you'll need to:

  • Hit all thumps

  • Hit all red bars

  • Hit all blue rings

  • Execute all turns perfectly

  • Avoid any damage

To get a S+ for the entire level, you must:

  • Complete the level (not die)

  • Get at least an S or S+ in each sub-level

  • At least 50% of your sub-level ranks must be S+